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Full text of "Deed, Samuel Partridge to George Hibbard of Hadley, 1782"

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KNOWf kU Men hj thcfc PnCcMs, Thii 

jn the County of py&./-«>>^/^,,jif> ; j 

In Conndcration W r%J<^-^^:^ /^^^jf>^ 4^^- 
Lavrful^Money iaid ^'tx.' ty ^^ ');;;?>, V^iJ^ 
G'^Jfcaiiu in the Coun^ of f^A^^-ivAA* / 

ThcRcccii^t whereof J do hereby acknowledge, do hereby glv«2 
gram and convey to the faid ^x.»*^^ '^U^.^-^:^ Heirsi 

.^J til 

J^4^^ ^dQifiv.-,Mi^/:^ e^fMi M'-^i ^AJ^ 

^xA, Zi ix «^ ^irty^ /v co^^t^ , cci^t^' >^^^l^r <^ ^ * 

Ci.cxi-'^f <f^ki^-ijt, o-y Ce/j 

V - 


J*© ftave and Co Hold, the fame to the Hikl /!*.'> -i*. /C'/^e>.^ 

^,,*a^ ^«-^ -/ / ^?' -^"3 •-^' ^0 Covenant with the raid 

/**T,' " andAffigns, That Jitrr^ lawfully feizcd in Fee of 
JhePremifcs, That they are free of all Incumbrances, That J' 
have good Riaht ^ fell and convey the fame to the fald 

^'^^^<7C "^"i • ^o ^°ld as aforelaid. 

C^t^^uy'^ -n^y Heirs, Executors, and Adminiflrators ihali, aod 
^^i.l^^arrimt and defend the fame to the faid 4 c^^ ^c /^i/{uit^ 
a.,vc ^^ /,, Heirs and Affigns forever, fgainft the lawful 

€Ia;m.s and Demands of g!l Pericn?. ^ 

i'^ yta 



/ ^1